Sunday, 13 October 2013

Being confused :(

Being confused is all about staying puzzled and baffled all the time. Confused people are the ones who irritate and trouble the maximum because they have no well-defined way of operating. They have lots of ideas and plans in their mind all the time and cannot function with only one at a time. More the ideas, more is the confusion. Confused people are never stable. They always keep switching from one working plan to the other and can never stay fixed with some idea or plan. Super-confused people are always irksome and irritating. So as to avoid confusion and to avoid being confused, keep yourself focused and let your mind think in only one direction at a time. It has been rightly said by our ancestors that too many cooks spoil the broth. So, the crux of the matter is the hallmark of highly confused people is that they keep on vacillating all the time and their mind is never thinking of one thing at a time. Keep your ideas short, crisp and limited. Think limited and stay happy. This methodology will avoid you getting into a confused state. I'm just one of those girls who doesn't know what she wants. Doesn't know what she needs. Doesn't know what she truly believes. I'm just one of those girls who wants to make everyone else happy. I don't care if I feel crappy. I'm just one of those girls who looks like they have it all figured out, but really doesn't know if I'm doing anything right.