Wednesday, 3 July 2013


You may meet a person and instantly know that you will be best friends forever. Other friendships develop over an extended period of time. In some friendships you may feel a sense of equality, while in others there may be a clear sense that one is giving more to the friendship then the other. There are no rules about how a friendship has to be. All friendships are unique and special in their own way.
Sometimes we have a friend and we sense that our souls are very closely connected. We know that the connection is above time and space. We know that wherever we are in our lives we will always remain friends. Even if we do not see each other for years we are able to pick up right where we left off. This is what people mean when they say friends forever.
Saying thank you may be the two hardest words that friends share. We like to see ourselves as independent and not needing anyone's help. When a friend does something for us, it is difficult to humble ourselves by thanking them. Believe it or not, as strong as your need is to believe yourself independent, your friend may have an even stronger need to hear the words "thank you".
This one’s for u “RSR”. To you I'm always grateful for all that we have shared, for standing right beside me showing that you cared. The one I can keep the one I can trust. I compliment you, you compliment me, you put up with me when I am in a bad mood, and you never give me attitude.
And I am so happy you let me in your friendship world. :)


  1. I would say that your friends are lucky to have you. You say that you are not a writer, but your writing is beautiful.