Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Cryptic Crush..:)

I wish i could tell u the way i feel about you

you stole my heart and strangely you are the one who is unaware of.

you have no idea you have no clue how much i think of you

I think of the moments we spent together and it's hard to accept  we aren't made for one another

I think of our little arguments and wonder how we could be so imprudent

I keep looking at your picture thinking one day you will be mine hearing your name is enough to make me smile

I stare at myself picturing how i look  by your eyes

It crushes me inside knowing that you are not by my side

Things wont be same if i would tell u how i feel and the pain of losing u, nothing can heal

Is this what love is or this is an infatuation?! you can't tell without being in my situation

Letting you go is the only choice i have, wishing someday u will come to know what my heart had.  

P.S - Written by my special friend, her name is ASH !! only for u dear...!!