Thursday, 4 April 2013


All because of him.
Why did you lie?
Why did I cry?
Why did I try?
I don't like to trust,
And now you know why.
You hurt me bad.
You said u don’t love any one and u propose to my frnd
but what you said to me I guess it was all a lie.
We'll now I'm alone but I dont mind,
I hope you r happy.
We'll I guess this is good bye.
All I want to know is why??
Why I met with lier and dishonest people in life??
but now its like a lesson for me..:)


  1. Sometimes we don't get the answer, but we learn from the mistake and move on !!!

    1. true....but it hurts also sometimes!! :(

  2. Oh my have some serious issues going on here! I could feel the impulsiveness in your words. I had been in the same place sometime back, and well, you know it sucks. I had been asking myself the same question "why" but to no avail..:( However, you gotta remember that it's not you who has been hurt, it's the other fella...I mean you value relationships...what kind of person would not like to be in the company of such a wonderful person..I think you are doing a great job addressing your emotions because we cannot cut the chords of relationships by just a know what i mean..we are humans afterall and if the other person is not going through the same emotions then you should be happy that you didn't get stuck up for long..
    And the pain..well, I couldn't find a cure for it and it's not in my limits to find one too.hopefully you are stronger..and much more capable of finding it.. I hope I shall find a happy post from you next time..I think what we all need is a smile that comes from inside, don't we?

    1. thankyou for understanding my feeling...and yes we all need a smile..but this the only way i can move on by expressing my emotions..!!and
      definitely you will find a happy post from me next time...thanking you once again..!!:) :)

  3. That feeling hurts.
    The answer to why may be unknown, and it might hurt even more. But one thing is for sure that the other person is just worth our attention or care or anything. So, thinking about the reason would bring more pain and nothing more.
    And moving on may be the difficult part of all. But moving on with a lesson is for the good.

    Take Care. :)

  4. It does hurt sometimes but I find that these moments are merely speed bumps on the road to true happiness :)

    1. very well said..!! i'll take it as speed bumps..!!

    2. Looking forward as always to your next post :)

  5. Why ? is sometimes an unanswerable question... Hope people realize your worth soon..:)
    Till then keep smiling keep shining..!!
    Because A smile increases our value ever more...:)
    And its good to pen down your feelings because this actually helps us in coming ut from them..!!
    keep writing Pink..:)

  6. ' Why ' is always left unanswered..

  7. WHY? the same feel i had... life's just like that. it just gives us unanswered questions.. but don't pause, just move on the show..ur value will be once accepted by the ryt person.
    just keep on smiling. thts wht all of us does.. :)

  8. life leaves us some "why's". it makes a crack on heart dat hurts. but dont pause. the show must move on..
    ur value will be once appreciated.. :)
    happy to meet u