Friday, 12 April 2013

MUSIC makes me free

Music makes me happy
When I'm sad..
Music makes me laugh
when I'm alone..
Music makes me fell comfortable
when I'm not..
Music makes me strong
when I'm weak..

Music helps me appreciate
its message
Music helps me remember
those important people in my life
through its message
Music helps me unwind
when I'm confused

Music showed me how
beautiful life is
Music showed me how
meaningless is my life
if there's no

Thursday, 4 April 2013


All because of him.
Why did you lie?
Why did I cry?
Why did I try?
I don't like to trust,
And now you know why.
You hurt me bad.
You said u don’t love any one and u propose to my frnd
but what you said to me I guess it was all a lie.
We'll now I'm alone but I dont mind,
I hope you r happy.
We'll I guess this is good bye.
All I want to know is why??
Why I met with lier and dishonest people in life??
but now its like a lesson for me..:)