Friday, 25 January 2013

My Kingdom To Rule

I know I'm ignored,
But, I'll never turn red,
I'm patient,
I'm decent,
One day,
Surely, one day,
It will be my kingdom to rule,
They'll feel jealous,
Always being cautious,
Every move I make,
A plan they'll make,
I don't care,
I'm aware,
For how long?
Surely, I'm strong,
I will change their blackened hearts,
They'll have sweet-hearts,
Dead leaves will become fresh,
Mankind will start their lives afresh,
Vinegar will turn into honey,
They'll find it tasty,
The frowns will turn into smiles,
The hidden lies,
All the bad times will vanish,
They'll never be selfish,
Man will give away to the poor,
Even If they are poor,
The world will change,
It will change!
One day,
Surely, one day,
I will rule,
It will be my kingdom to rule...


  1. You know I embarked about this notion'success is the best revenge'. But I have learned that what I am really doing was just shifting my goal from the larger target and giving undue importance to lame people. People who are in the hindsight not even worth anything to me. So, if you also feel the same (which I inferred from this post) it's time to let yourself free. This notion to avenge becomes a burden before we know it.
    I am maybe wrong about my inference here and I don't mean to offend you in any way/

  2. no my friend...u are not wrong... u have rightly inferred from my post...but i have let myself free..its just that sometimes u cannot ignore or forgot the rude words or behavior of someone..on that point of time..!!

    1. Couldn't agree you with more. It can be disheartening as you didn't expect them to behave this way. I have a little solution of mine that can help you to overcome your disappointment at that time- Just distract yourself to a more important task. And keep yourself distracted for many days. The more you analyse it the more grave it becomes. It works for me well.

      Kuch zyada hi ho gaya ye to :D