Friday, 25 January 2013

My Heavenly Dream

Oh! sleeping is an endless pleasure, 
Which is an unlimited leisure, 
I dream about the fairies, 
Who fly above the valleys, 
I dream about the cool breeze, 
Which is surely a tension ease, 
I dream about the candies and the toffees, 
Which are shaped like cherries, 
I dream of the ocean, 
Which is like soft thread that is woven, 
I dream about the chocolates, 
Which are admired by the pirates, 
I dream about the endless pleasures, 
That have no effects of tortures, 
I dream of shimmering, glass palaces, 
That have existed there for ages, 
I dream of lush gardens filled with gold and ruby, 
They are surely very thorny, 
I dream of cute little babies, 
Who have very heafty bodies, 
There are many dreams that I have dreamt, 
But this is the best one that I have ever dreamt.....

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